Diesel-Verdant ep (1993)

I spent a couple decades thinking that this ep was a weak link in the Farces Wanna Mo chain.  Have re-evaluated and it is quite a worthwhile ep after all because . . . the lyrics.  These are my best lyrics of any Farces Wanna Mo except maybe the spoken word tracks on the 2012 album.  The lyrics are embarrassing, at times, which is why I kind of semi-disowned this record -- but, now I-older-me understands that that is part of what makes these lyrics, on Diesel-Verdant, my best.  I put myself out there.  I didn't care what the music sounded like -- I had to get those words out.  As discerning listeners can probably tell, this is a break-up record, a record written with a broken heart, a heart broken in the classic way, by romance gone bad.  It speaks to me across the years about where my head and heart was.  It speaks to me about thoughts and emotions I forgot I had.  It is like the memory of a sunburn that never is never really remembered until the next sunburn.  I thought a lot of stupid stuff, but I thought a lot of smart stuff, too.  Feeling adult feelings and singing songs about them that I just had to sing.  This one is about the lyrics, and I encourage any listeners to experience / judge / dare-I-say enjoy it in that way.

Cleanville at the Diesel-Verdant ep release party, December 1993!

Diesel-Verdant ep fun fact:  "Ax Handle" ended up being a demo, as it was later re-recorded in an actual music studio with FWM member Eudean Shaw as a B-side of a seven inch vinyl record put out by our heavy metal band Carnage Asada in 1995.

Diesel-Verdant ep fun fact:  "Demon Rum" lyrics were stolen from the famous novel "Look Homeward, Angel" (which I read because it was referenced in a Mad magazine joke).

Diesel-Verdant ep fun fact:  There is an outtake from this ep, called "Heidi Fleiss," which is one of the best Farces Wanna Mo songs ever.  Good lyrics, but also great jazz instrumental accompaniment by Eudean Shaw and his brother Wayken.  Hope to get it up in the outtakes section of this website.  Really should have spent some $$$ back in 1994 and printed up a seven inch vinyl with "My Whole Life Is Through" and "Heidi Fleiss" as the b-side.  Oh, well.