I Carry On Carrion Carry-Ons LP (1993)

As Slept On It! started to wind down in late spring of 1993, it was time to focus again on FWM.  This is the beginning of the color label cassette era, which would run through January 1998 (four albums and three ep's).  A favorite Farces' record of those who like the home recording ethos of the band.  It is the last one with the wide eyed innocence and spontaneity of the earlier stuff, but there is a new level of ambition, musically and lyrically.  To paraphrase The Mac, even children get older, and I was getting older, too.  I still couldn't play (and still can't!), but I knew more people who could.  For me, I mostly remember that this record was just so much fun to record -- especially fond memories include recording "Sh*t Or Get Off The Pot" and "Stolen Bar Glasses" (with Slept On It! members Josh Meidav and Dan Rust) and "Coffee" (with my brother Doug, prior to the start of his band Runaway Weiner Dog).

L-R:  FWM members Most Valuable Member, Cleanville Tziabatz and Kurt E. in the house where much of I Carry On Carrion Carry-On's was recorded.

I Carry On Carrion Carry-On's fun fact:  I have occasionally scrubbed "A Parting Shot" from this album due to the rampant obscenity.  Early 1990s life in Berkeley could be pretty sexually frustrating, though, and I think Kurt and I really did capture something ugly, but true, in the filthy lyrics.  Anyway, it is a rare instance of Farces working "blue," as in blue . . . well, you get the point.