Deconstruct You ep (1992)

Despite a lot of practice, and in large part due to my relative lack of musical ability, my other band Slept On It! was taking a long time to get ready for Prime Time (read:  weekday gigs in dive bars).  So I dusted off the Farces brand and did a four track ep on my new Tascam four track recorder.  This one is a personal favorite of mine!  End of the FWM's white label era.

Here is where the Deconstruct You ep was recorded

Deconstruct You
ep fun fact:  In order to avoid bothering a housemate, Dan Anderson and I went into the detached garage to record backing vocals for "B&W Russians."  The housemate was pretty bothered anyway because Dan could yell pretty loud, as he was being directed to do.  He was yelling, "NO TREATY!!!," but the housemate thought that Dan was yelling "THE PRIEST!!!," which actually would have been much funnier.  I didn't feel too bad for said housemate because he played Armed Forces a few too many mornings when I was hungover.

Most Valuable Member, pictured here in 1992 at the first Slept On It! public performance, played guitar on two of the four songs on the Deconstruct You ep: