Hopes Of Sync And Glory LP (1990)

Started recording this one on my move to California in August 1990 with college friend Dan A., later of Philly band Mothra, along for the road trip.  Dan was my first of many FWM collaborators, whom I consider and call "band members."  This is the second of three releases in what I think of as the "Casio era," or the "white label era" (too cheap to spring for color paper on the cassette covers!).  My Casio was augmented with a Yamaha DD7 drum machine, ably played by Most Valuable member on the opening track of Hopes Of Sync And Glory.  A couple songs were also recorded with Gareth Egerton of Pup Tent and Butter Both Sides fame.  Gareth's late 80s recordings were a very direct impetus to start home recording myself, and it was an honor to work with the man himself one day down in Cupertino or somewhere like that.  When this record was done, Most Valuable member and I started a band called Slept On It!, which would exist for three years (our law school years) while Farces Wanna Mo kind of got put on the back burner.

Here is where most of Hopes Of Sync And Glory was recorded

Hopes Of Sync And Glory Fun fact:  The follow-up to Failure, Misery & Bee-reavement was supposed to be an album called Dirty Basketball Practice.  I was about halfway through recording it and I lost the tape.  I couldn't remember how to play any of the songs, so I scrapped it.  I do remember that it had a song that was better than anything else on the first two Farces' albums, and it also had a fun mash-up of Adamski, ELO and The Replacements (called "ELONRG").

The lovely and talented Gareth Egerton doing what he does best (download some of his 1980s work here)

The FOSTEX four track upon which of some of this album was recorded

The influential, and little seen before, Butter Both Sides