Not Cal Not Local LP (1996)

This ep (almost an lp) is, in my opinion now, the worst Farces record ever released. Long story short, bad production on mostly really bad songs. Pains me to write that, but there it is. Moving along to the positive:

* "Subdivision," "New Lite Radiant Quiet Storm King," "Cherry In A Lonely Grave" would have made a nifty three song gem of a seven inch single.

* Much of my creative energies, and better songs, were going into DubOnicS and Carnage Asada.

The short-lived DubOnicS, especially, holds up well after all these years -- a better outlet for the shouty "singing" style and fragmented songwriting I cultivated during the colored-cover cassette era. DubOnicS had only two gigs, and no official releases, but we did record ourselves in Dan's parents' basement and one can download that for free thru the Dropbox service: