If Not Why Not? LP (2003)

There's Got To Be An Aesthetic There was the masterpiece of cassette era FWM, and If Not Why Not is the masterpiece of CDR era (1999-2003) FWM. This record was everything that Farces Wanna Mo had been building towards since its humble origins in 1990. This was the record that the band always wanted to make, and we did it. While it is astonishingly good, it is also emotionally childish and wildly self-indulgent. When I look back, I can't help but think that I was too old to be making a record like this in my mid-30's, and that is kind of a painful realization. Still, something in me told me that I had to keep going until I made the perfect Farces record, and this is it, or at least as close as anyone will ever come. Listened to in the right mood, and with proper intoxicants, it is one of the best records ever recorded. I am too old to listen to it much now, but I still take great pride in having, with the assistance of others too numerous to mention, made this thing.