Calm Blue Ocean Calm Blue Ocean LP (2006)

The beginning of the electronic / computer based era for Farces. Not a popular era in that fewer people seem to listen to the records, and they sure come a lot more slowly, but they are great records, nonetheless. So far there is 2006's Calm Blue Ocean, Calm Blue Ocean, and 2012's Best Of Luck in your Future Endeavors.

Calm Blue Ocean is the dreamy one. I had learned to deal with pain in my life by focusing on going into dreamy, self-absorbed, quiet, uncommunicative states, and this album is basically what I heard when I went there. "The Turmoil" (about 10 minutes of it) is the best track, showing how to keep personal pain at bay by looking it square in the metaphorical eye and showing it that you do not care, that you will focus on everything and/or nothing, and go to a place beyond where there is no hurt because there are no emotions. Maybe people don't want, or need, to do this. Maybe they don't hurt as much as I did (and occasionally still do). Still, a great record when you are looking for a post-music, post-everything mindset. The Sound of Purgatory.